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Pastor Fernando

Finding God and Becoming a Pastor

Growing up Catholic, I had an awareness of God but never really knew him. During what I thought was a chance meeting with a guy in high school, God found me. That day changed my life and I gave my heart to Christ and my life was never the same. Many wonderful things have happened since that day — the biggest was meeting the woman of my dreams! We were married shortly thereafter and as the years passed we moved to Downey and began our family. I joined the Los Angeles City Fire Department and I became a competitive bodybuilder. Ultimately I found myself drifting from God but He found a way to pull me back.  My story was featured on CBN and this video tells the story.

Once that happened I needed no more convincing! With a firm desire to serve God in whichever capacity he would have me, Liz and I were sent out by our Pastors Mike & Donna Neville to pioneer a new church into the City of Fullerton, California. It’s been over 20 years since we decided to take that step of faith and we’ve seen the hand of God move mightily in our community. We have also grown from a single church into the Fullerton Fellowship of Churches. These are multiple works we have sent out from within our ranks to fulfill the same purpose in their respective cities as we have done in Fullerton. We consider ourselves blessed to be a part of a Fellowship with a heart for lost and an answer for the broken hearted. Our mission: Win souls for Christ, Build fruitful Disciples and Release trained leaders into ministry.