Sundays @ 9:30am | Wednesdays @ 7pm
in the auditorium
975 W. Imperial Hwy, Suite 145 • Brea, Ca 92821

FireHouse Worship

Welcome to Firehouse Worship Team,

I have the pleasure of leading and being a part of a powerful worship team here at Firehouse Church.  Our goal is to continually live a lifestyle of worship in and out of church.  It is important to have an understanding that our identity as sons and daughters lie in the presence of God and His perfect will.  We were all created to Worship and will not find true fulfillment until we are in His perfect will.  Our  focus and mission is to continually press in, engage others and pursue the presence of God in every service. 

Firehouse Worship team has a strong passion to usher the congregation into a deeper and closer walk with the Lord through worship.  We are open to hearing the voice of the Lord and expressing what God is trying to say through song. 

Ushering the presence of the Lord is where Jesus is able to bring healing, restoration, cleanse us from our iniquities, bring salvation, heal our broken hearts and most of all find our true love which is Jesus Christ.

God has given us a powerful instrument and that is our voice.  All throughout Genesis 1, see the phrase “God said…” and whatever it was that God spoke came into existence. It was the sound of His voice, the declaration of His words that caused a new reality to come into existence. As sons and daughters, we have been given the same power to bring about change by the sound of our voice and declaration of our words. The atmosphere around us is shifted and moved with what we declare and sing.

I would love to personally invite you to come and worship with us here at Firehouse Church.


Kendra Maestas

Firehouse Worship Director