Teaching Series: Mid Week Service

Individual Messages

Take a listen to the word that God has dropped on the hearts of several Church members at firehouse church.

Individual Series Teachings
DateSpeakerSermon TitleStreams|Notes
09/07/2022Mendoza, DavidDES-PER-ATE
08/31/2022Margolis, VinceWhere Are You?
08/10/2022Sanchez, SergioSurface Level Christianity
08/03/2022Salas, EricKnow Thyself
07/27/2022Margolis, VinceDig Your Well before Your thirsty
07/20/2022Salas, ObadiahSHOUT!
07/13/2022Knudtson, EthanRevolution Of Love
07/06/2022Diaz, TonyPastor Tony Diaz
06/22/2022Salas, ObadiahOpen Doors
06/08/2022Perez, LuisConsider Your Calling
05/25/2022Perez, LuisGetting back to where we started
05/11/2022Rodarte, ErikAre you feeding your fear, ego or faith
05/04/2022Sanchez, SergioHold on to your prophecy
04/06/2022Salas, ObadiahBurnt Out?
03/30/2022Margolis, VinceFaith comes in Cans
03/23/2022Vargas, JoseHelp Comes From The Hill
03/02/2022Salas, EricDoes your life please him?
02/02/2022Salas, EricOvercoming Short-Sightedness
01/26/2022Knudtson, EthanWhat is Your Motive
Perez, LuisThe Effective Generation
Salas, ObadiahHe is Waiting
Perez, LuisOut with the dead, into the Kingdom
Jimenez, CarlosRepentance
PastorGod's Masterpiece
And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.
2 Timothy 2:2 - NKJV