Pastor Fernando Villicana

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Pastor Fernando is a highly sought after speaker and author on the subject of marriage. Being personally married over 45 years, and having counseled hundreds of couples in his 30+ year tenure as lead pastor of Firehouse church, he understands the delicate nature of helping couples who may be experiencing difficulties in the most important relationship they have.

Marriage Fire Code
Keeping a fresh perspective is key in healthy marriages and that's what this book is designed to do. Helping married couples navigate away from the doldrums or pain they may be experiencing and look out to see all that God has for them. In the Marriage fire Code, Pastor Fernando actually lays out a bit of a "How To" manual. Chapter by chapter he lays out principles from God's word that help us to establish new and healthy practices in our marriages. Chapter titles like "Guns And Roses - Resolving Conflict" to "How to build and maintain Intimacy" are a sample of both the fun and depth you'll discover as you move through this book.

God Almighty, the very creator of humanity and marriage, defines the word love four different ways. In his second book, Pastor Fernando take a direct approach on the subject of love as revealed through the Greek language. If all four expressions of love is lived out in a marriage relationship the chances of success over the long haul dramatically increase. The goal of this book is to define and incorporate these four loves in your marriage so both of you can experience the highest level of satisfaction and fulfillment. God’s desire is that married couples become lovers, friends, protectors and partners in life. The catalyst - a love that never fails, the love of God. At the close of each chapter a self evaluation is included to be used as a tool to help measure your current level love in these four categories. It is a great book you dont want to miss and you can get both on Amazon right now by clicking the icons of the books.